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We’re the one-stop-shop for all your dental and beauty needs, so you don’t have to travel around for any specialist dental or facial aesthetic work. Dr Bravis pulls in over 20 years experience and 10 years specialist status, including owning a successful clinic in Harley Street, so rest assured you’re in the best possible hands!

General Dentistry

Skin Aesthetics

Specialist Dentistry

Welcome to our specialist Dental and Facial aesthetic Clinic situated in Thames Ditton and in close proximity to Kingston. We offer all types of treatment under one roof which means that patients do not have to travel to other locations for any dental or facial aesthetic work. Our principal dentist and founder Dr Theodora Bravis pulls in over 20 years experience and 10 years specialist status, including owning a successful clinic in Harley Street. So rest assured you are in the best possible hands!

Skin ageing

As we age, we lose volume and this leads to deeper wrinkles, deeper skin folds and sagging of the face. This is because from around the age of about 25, the amount of collagen produced in our skin starts to decrease by 1% yearly. By the time we reach our forties, collagen production reduces to the point that we don’t produce any. Dr Bravis offers many treatments to improve the signs of skin ageing and can tailor your treatment journey. Book in for a consultant with Dr Bravis by calling 020 8398 9466 or by completing our form here.

Specialist & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Bravis achieved specialist status in Prosthodontics more than ten years ago allowing her to treat anything from the simplest, to most complicated dental cases, including dentures, implants, veneers, crowns, bridges, extractions, composite bonding, gum disease and more. We also offer the most effective whitening and Invisalign treatments on the market.

General Dentistry

With a passion for oral health, Dr Bravis offers all types of treatment under one roof, from general check-ups for both adults and children, hygiene, fillings, crowns and tooth grinding. As proud parents ourselves, we love looking after young people of all ages and encourage patients to bring their children with them from a very young age in order to get them used to the dental environment as early as possible.

From the moment you walk in the door this entire dental experience is fantastic. All members of this clinic treat you with a warm professionalism and make the entire treatment a pleasure.

Hands down best Dentist I have ever been to. Dr. Bravis took time to analyse my teeth and explained to me exactly what was going on, gave me different options and was very honest about everything.

I visit Dr Bravis for Botox. I wanted to freshen my face a little, but retain full movement and a natural appearance. The results are just lovely – my friends tell me how well I am looking, but they do not know why. I am delighted.

I could not recommend enough this excellent dental practice. Dr Bravis and her team always give myself and my family (including my two young kids) the highest possible quality of care!

This dental practice is the perfect combination of professionalism and warmth. They take the time to address your concerns, educate you on the process and offer you options for treatment. They have built such a lovely rapport with my family that I would highly recommend them to all.

Great service and very friendly staff. I have had several treatments and I highly recommend them.

Our clinic and wonderful team

We love looking after people and for this reason our team has been very carefully chosen in order to work well together for the benefit of our patients. Your well-being is our priority.